Spreading The Happiness Advantage

How we do it

By Practicing it Regularly

Incorporating The Happiness Advantage in to our daily lives

This movement is simply about helping others by sharing the knowledge we possess - one book, one person at a time. Many of our supporters who have already read the book now understand The Happiness Advantage and have benefited from it. Visit OUR GIFT PROCESS page to learn exactly how we do it.

 Shawn's book explains seven exercises that anyone, and everyone, can do. They include simple activities such as identifying three things you are grateful for, journaling one of them, exercising, etc. Doing these activities, daily, for 21 days will begin to change the way you look at the world, and will instill a habit that returns tangible and positive benefits.

Once you understand what it is, The Happiness Advantage becomes clearly recognizable in others. It's in the way they act, and what they say and do. It is that extra little spark you notice in someone; that something you can't quite put your finger on; something that makes them stand out in a crowd.